CDRD celebrates Guru Purnima



CDRD students organized a special program to celebrate Guru Purnima on 19th of July 2016. The students showed their deep respect for their teachers formally on this occasion. Prof. Dr. Prem Sharma, Head of the Department, delivered an inspirational speech about the relation between the university teachers and the students. He emphasized that since the future of the students depend upon the quality of teaching their teachers offer, the teachers should be serious about their  teaching profession. On this occasion, Mr. Ajit Rai who is serving as  a visiting lecturer at the Department also spoke about the ways of ensuring that the quality of education Tribhuvan University offers is equal to that of education provided by such renowned international universities as  Harvard University and Yale University. He linked what Adam Smith once said about the university of his time-the university is intellectually dead-to the current academic situation of Tribhuvan University. He said that just as the university where Adam Smith studied was intellectually dead, the Tribhuvan university is intellectually dead. He was alluding to the fact that today there is an urgent need for such people at Tribhuvan University who can play the role played by Adam Smith in the eighteenth century-the role of giving new life to the intellectual dead university.