Professor Pushpa Kamal Subedi welcomed as sixth head of CDRD

KATHMANDU, June 25: Central Department of Rural Development (CDRD) on Thursday formally welcomed newly appointed Head of CDRD amid a formal function organized at CDRD building.


Faculty members and administrate staffs at CDRD welcomed him by putting abir on his forehead and scarf around his neck. Senior administrative staff Bhisma Babu Thapaliya had run the program. Faculty member Mr. Umesh Acharya delivered a welcome speech on behalf of other faculty members. He expressed the confidence that CDRD would gain new height under the leadership of Professor Subedi .


Speaking at the welcome function, Professor Subedi shared his plan for taking the CDRD to a new height. He emphasized that it is impossible for him to realize his dream of ensuring academic excellence at CDRD without the support of all the faculty members. He said he had no any other interest except making positive changes to the system for quality teaching and research.

Professor Subedi holds a doctoral degree in Sociology, which he competed in 2006 from UK-based University of Exeter. He also holds a MSC in Statistics. He has been getting involved in the field of university teaching and advanced scientific research for over three decades.


Professor Dr. Subedi began his academic career in 1987. Before joining Central Department of Rural Development(CDRD) in April, 2016, Dr. Subedi served as a university teacher at Central Department of Population Studies.

He was appointed as the sixth Head of CDRD on June 21, 2017.

He has held many research positions so far. He served as a research statistician at Department of Justice, Halifax, Canada from January 2017 to March 2017. Likewise, he also worked as Executive Research Director at Center for Social Sciences Studies from May, 2007 to December, 2016.

Professor Subedi has written many research articles and books published nationally and internationally.