Those students who are going to do an empirical research as part of the requirements of the MA program in Rural Development are expected to select a topic from among the following broad headings:

Thematic Areas of Research

  1. Remittance:
  • Role of remittance in entrepreneurship development, agricultural transformation, opening new ventures of investment, economic contribution, job creation.
  • Impact of remittance on rural livelihood, agriculture, family relation and so on……..


  1. Climate Change:
  • Agriculture production, land use pattern, resource use pattern, adaptation and livelihood strategy and so on….
  • Natural disaster management, resource conflict, comparative study of community forest management…


  1. Tourism:
  • Contribution of various types of tourism like eco-tourism, agriculture tourism, sports tourism, mountaineering tourism, adventure tourism, home-stay tourism for rural development.s
  • Study on virgin tourism products with their prospects.


  1. Agriculture:
  • Land use pattern ,farm management practice, commercial farming of crops and vegetables, organic farming, pest management practice, effects of climate change and migration, food security status
  • Agriculture infrastructure development, marketing of agriculture products, value chain in agriculture marketing.
  • Commercialization of livestock rearing like bee-keeping, poultry farming, fishery etc.


  1. Energy and Technology:
  • Contribution of RETs in various dimensions of rural development like agriculture, irrigation, agriculture mechanization, sustainable tourism promotion, processing and storage of agriculture products, forest conservation , entrepreneurship development, health improvement etc.
  • Contribution of micro hydro, ICS, bio-briquettes, improved mills, and other rural technology in promoting rural livelihood, income generation, opening new ventures of investment and strengthening rural economy.
  • Role of mass communication in rural development like promotion of rural products, awareness raising……..


  1. Local governance:
  • Role of local bodies, CBOs, civil society , local NGOs in enhancing good governance
  • Fiscal decentralization practice, challenges and prospects for rural development.
  • Resource and fund mobilization practice of local bodies
  • Local development planning: practice ,challenges and issues
  • Public service delivery of local bodies, Public hearing
  • Participation of women, children and other disadvantaged groups in decision making process of local bodies, practice of inclusive development.
  • Monitoring and evaluation practice of local bodies


  1. Community Development:
  • Role of indigenous and induced CBOs, NGOs in social mobilization, community empowerment, gender empowerment leadership development, capacity enhancement etc.
  • Comparative study of community development process between………..


  1. Rural Finance:
  • Contribution of rural finance in alleviating poverty, generating new venture of investment, opening new business and job opportunity and income generation, promoting rural economy
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship development opportunity, increasing accessibility of credit,


  1. Natural Resource Management:
  • Assessing the practices of water management, wetland management, forest management , land management,
  • Contribution of natural resources like forest products, water, minerals in rural livelihood
  • possible conflict in NRM, effects of climate change and natural disasters in NRM,


  1. Cooperatives and Financial Institutions:
  • Contribution of cooperatives and other financial institution in various aspects of rural development like income generation, economic empowerment, employment creation, strengthening of rural economy.
  • Problems and prospects of rural cooperatives and other financial institutions in mobilizing local resources,


  1. Social and Cultural Issues of Rural Development:
  • Assessing the inclusion, gender equality, participation, empowerment of backward and disadvantaged community in social, economic and political institution.
  • Comparative study on livelihood strategy of indigenous community like Kusunda, Bote, Raute
  • Assessment of certain ill social practices like un-touchability, exclusion, social discrimination……
  • Assessing the status and accessibility of rural people in health, education, sanitation…..
  • Role of women in economic development like micro-enterprises, small scale industries, agriculture, natural resources management……….


  1. Policy Analysis:
  • Analysis of some rural essential rural development related Acts and Policies like LSGA-1998, Tourism Policy, Agriculture related policy, cooperative development related policy and so on………


Note that the CDRD has the preferences on the above mentioned thematic area of research expected to be conducted from the side of students while preparing their thesis at Master level. However, other topics of the study can also be considered if it is found to be relevant from the perspective of rural development. For it, the students should contact the department for the final acceptance and approval. In addition, students are supposed to conduct their researches compulsorily through the field research based on primary data.