Pushpa Kamal Subedi

Title: Professor and Head of Central Department of Rural Development

Name: Pushpa Kamal Subedi

Address: 37 Samrachanna Marg, 14-Kalanki, Nepal

Email: pksubedi@cdrd.edu.np/p.k.subedi@gmail.com

Academic Degree: PhD and MPhil in Sociology (UK); M. Sc. in Statistics, LLB (Criminology) (TU), and B. Ed. in Teaching Mathematics (TU)
Work History:

·  2016 to date: Professor, Central Department of Rural Development, Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal

·  2013-2016: Professor, Central Department of Population Studies, TU, Nepal

·  2009-2013: Associate Professor, Central Department of Population Studies, TU, Nepal

·  1993 to J2013: Assistant Professor, Central Department of Population Studies, TU, Nepal.

·  1987-1993: Lecturer, Department of Statistics, TU, Nepal

·  1986 to 987: Statistician at Trade Promotion Centre, Nepal

·  1985 to 1986: Assistant Statistician at Central Bureau of Statistics, Government of Nepal.

Major Publications:

·  2016: Health and Social Vulnerability of Adolescents in Nepal, University of Mahidol

·  2012a. The Politics of Human Reproduction in Rural Nepal. Kathmandu, Ratna Pushtak Publication

·  2011b. Foundation for Scientific Research (With Introduction to SPSS for Data Analysis). Kathmandu: Ratnapustak Bhandar

·  2011a.  Social Value System in Nepal. Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing

·  2010c. Social Research Methods. Kathmandu: Kriti Publication

·  2010a. Quantitative Techniques in Population Studies (Fourth Edition). Kathmandu: Ratna Pustak Bhandar

Major Research Work:

·  Data Analyst: Court Performance Survey 2011-2016, Department of Justice,, Canada

·  Consultant: Socio-Demographic Impact Study of the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal (Sample Size: 3000 households)

·  Team Leader: Development of Sampling Design and Tools for Nepal Migration Survey 2015

·  Team Leader: Nepal Ageing Survey 2014 (Sample Size: 7200 households and 8600 elderly aged 60 years and above)

·  Statistician: Baseline Survey on Socio-Economic Household Survey in Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Service Areas 2014 (Sample Size: 5000 households)

·  Team leader: Baseline Study of Functionality of Rural Water Supply Services in Nepal 2014 (Sample Size: 1000 households)

·  Team Leader: Baseline Study on Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene in Nepal 2013 (Sample Size: 2000 households)

·  Team Leader: Infant Mortality Situation in Nepal 2014 (Sample Size: 1500 mothers)

·  Team Leader: Midterm Evaluation of Population Programmes in Nepal 2013: a qualitative study

·  National Consultant: Formative Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) 2010: a qualitative Study

·  Team Leader: Endline Survey on the Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) 2011 (Sample Size: 4000 caretakers)

·  Project Coordinator: Nepal Adolescent and Youth Survey 2010 (Sample Size: 9000 households and 15000 adolescents and youth aged 10-24)

Area of Interest: Anthropological Demography, Fertility, Social Process of Ageing, Research Methodology, Philosophy of Social Science, Rural and Environment