PhD Program

The Dean’s office of Humanities and Social Sciences announces course based PhD in Rural Development. The successful students in the entrance examination are admitted into the PhD program. The Central Department of Rural Development (CDRD) plays a key role in supervising the doctoral students though they are handled by the Dean’s Office of Humanities and Social Sciences in administrative terms. The structure of the course based PhD in Rural Development is as follows:

1st Semester Credit hour 2nd Semester Credit hour
Foundation Courses Research Method Courses
Paper I Socio-Economic and

Political History of Nepal

3 Paper V: Research Methodology I 3
Paper II: Economics of


3 Paper VI: Research Methodology II 6
Paper III: Socio-Cultural

Perspectives for


3 Paper VII: Data Analysis with Computer Software 3
Core Course 3rd Semester and onwards
Paper IV: Theories of


3 Paper VIII: Reading List

Paper IX: Thesis



Total Credit 60

All papers are mandatory.  Eight courses will be taken and are examined in the qualifying test in the end of each semester. Each course is examined by two means.  One component of the final exam is examined through a three-hour written paper at the end of semester. Students are required to pass these examinations to be allowed to continue to the 2nd semester of the course. Those who fail the examination in first semester may be permitted to re-sit the examination before commencing second semester. A similar method will be applied to continue to write PhD Thesis. If student failed to pass in re-sit examinations won’t be eligible to write PhD thesis.

The second component of the final examination for each course is the 4000-word scientific paper oriented term paper (For Research Methodology I, a PhD proposal should be written as an essay and then approved by Departmental Research Committee). The third component of the examination is take-home examination (5000 words) with at least 70 percent of total attendance in the class. The essay must be handed in to the Examination Board at Department. The submission deadline for this essay must be strictly observed. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of examination regulations, for which students may be penalized, including by the deduction of marks. Failure to submit the essay by the deadline is automatically reported to the Head by the Course Coordinator for their adjudication. In case of illness, students must request a stay of deadline through the concerned tutor at department, who will inform the Head of the Department. A letter of support and explanation from your doctor will be required.